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Our Infographic

Our Infographic

Our infographic shows you just what to look out for so you do not make the same mistakes as everyone else.

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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair

Safety is guaranteed with our exceptional electric garage door repair services

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our excellence in extension springs repair is indicative of our spring specialty

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Skilled in repairing and maintaining commercial and residential garage doors

Do you still wonder why garage door accidents happen and how to deal with small problems? Go through the following answers and have your questions clarified in the best way.

How can I reinforce the security of the garage door?

The first thing you ought to do is garage door service and you must remember that frequent maintenance services will keep the door stable and strong. That's what the specialists at Garage Door Repair Glendale suggest and you could also install cameras and light sensors. You could connect the garage door with the central alarm system and think about locking the door, too. These steps include all major security procedures.

What accidents can be caused by garage doors?

The worst and fortunately rare cause of an accident is a collapsing garage door. You can be hurt if the reverse system of the openers does not work or mess with garage door spring replacement. That's why garage door repairs and occasional maintenance are both important because they guarantee the stability of the door. New openers keep coming out with new safety sensors for higher protection. Obviously, there is a reason for that!

What kind of maintenance can I perform on my garage door?

Our experts from Garage Door Repair Glendale note that are there are a few things homeowners can do to maintain their garage door. Homeowners can inspect their door, perform various tests to see if the door still functions properly, and apply lubricant on certain parts.

How do you fix misaligned garage door tracks?

For this, you need to tighten any loose bolts. Just make sure that the bolts are not rusty or damaged. Tightening them too much is also not a good idea, according to the technicians of our garage door repair company in Glendale.

Will the R-value matter if my door is attached to the house?

The insulation value of a door will affect the insulation of the entire house. In fact, the R-value of the walls will affect how much heat escapes from the house to the garage. On the other hand, the R-value of the door will affect how much heat will escape into the exterior. If you choose the right insulated door for your garage, you can keep the cooling and heating costs down.

How do I choose new components?

Garage door parts are chosen in regard to the door. Your first priority is to check the door's weight. This will be the number one determinant when selecting new components. The material will be up to you depending on whether you want galvanized parts or not.

What causes garage door track bending?

The tracks may bend when the door is operated with a broken cable. This issue can be caused by broken drum connection as well. If dirt and pebbles are stuck inside the track, the bending can occur as rollers move the door up and down. Even if obstruction is not present, unlubricated rollers alone may cause bending.

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